Following the move to Alert Level 0 in Wales on 7th. August 2021, there’s now no limit on the number of club members who can attend training sessions, and there is no need to pre-book.

However, Covid-19 is still with us and is still a risk, so please don’t attend a session if you feel unwell in any way on the day, are in a period of self-isolation, or have developed any of the following symptoms in the previous seven days – a high temperature; a new, continuous cough; loss of or change to your sense of taste and / or smell.

A register will be kept of all attendees, so if you are diagnosed with Covid-19 or have any of the symptoms within 14 days following a training session you attended, please contact the session organiser and report this using the NHS COVID-19 App –


A running and multisport club based in Cardiff, Wales. Affiliated to Welsh Athletics, Welsh Triathlon and Cycling Time Trials. We have a wide range of members who run at anything from 5 to 12 minute miling in road races, cross country and multi-terrain competitions, as well as a contingent of triathletes and cyclists. The aim of the club is to have fun, feel healthy and achieve personal goals.


It's always best to come along and run with us a few times before joining. The aim of the club is to have fun, feel healthy and achieve personal goals whilst also enjoying the benefits of training with a club. If you want to become a member then the cost is £30 per year (the year runs from 1st April to 31st March) and includes mandatory membership of Welsh Athletics (£17.50 included). We also provide a discounted price of £17.50 per year for students and the unemployed.
As a member you will need to purchase a club running vest, these are available in both men's and ladies sizes (from S to XL) at a subsidised cost of £10 for your first one and £15 for each one thereafter. 

14th September, 19.00 hrs, Civic Centre
16th September, 19.00 hrs ,NEW VENUE - St. Peters Rugby Club, Minster Road, CF23 5AS
21st September, 19.00 hrs, ,Lake Spice Restaurant , Roath Park
23rd September, 19.00 hrs, Cardiff Bay ( 4 mile Handicap )
28th September, 19.00 hrs, 19.00 hrs, Civic Centre
30th September, 19.00 hrs, Penylan Community Centre


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