Only times we are able to verify using internet sources or recent San Domenico data are included


Distance Time Athlete Race Venue Date
1 Mile Relay Split 5:36 Angela Heeley Self Transcendence 3 * 1 Mile Bute Park 07/08/2009
2 Miles 11:14 Angela Heeley Self Transcendence 2 Miles Pontcanna 16/05/2008
5K 17:46 Angela Heeley SSAFA 5K Bute Park 21/05/2008 & 20/05/2009
parkrun 18:02 Emily Lagomarsino Cardiff parkrun Bute Park 19/11/2016
4 Miles 23:03 Angela Heeley  Rose Inn  Redwick 10/06/2008 
5 Miles  30:36  Sally Wilder Glynneath 5  Glynneath  26/12/2011 
10K 37:47  Emily Lagomarsino  St David's Day 10K  Cardiff  28/02/2016 
10000 Metres 37:21  Emily Lagomarsino  Night of Endurance  Leckwith  09/07/2016 
8 Miles  49:22  Sally Wilder  Lliswerry 8  Newport  27/01/2013 
10 Miles 1:01:39 Sally Wilder Llandudno 10 Llandudno 17/06/2012
Half Marathon 1:22:03 Sally Wilder Cardiff Half Marathon Cardiff 14/10/2012
20 Miles 2:15:13 Emily Lagomarsino Cardiff 20/10 Pontcanna 17/02/2019
Marathon 2:49:49 Emily Lagomarsino London Marathon London 23/04/2017



Distance Time Athlete Race Venue Date
1 Mile 4:37 Luke Williams Cardiff Summer Series 1 Mile Pontcanna 27/04/2018
1 Mile Relay Split 4:46 Stephen Shields Self Transcendence 3 * 1 Mile Llandaff Fields 22/07/2011
2 Miles 9:57 Stephen Paterson Self Transcendence 2 Miles Pontcanna 11/05/2007
5K 14:47 Daniel Hamilton Sunset 5K Bute Park 18/09/2020
parkrun 15:20 Luke Williams Cardiff parkrun Bute Park 02/02/2019
4 Miles 19:45 Daniel Hamilton Rose Inn Redwick 13/08/2019
5 Miles 26:09 Stephen Paterson Glynneath 5 Glynneath 26/12/2008
10K 31:04 Daniel Hamilton Cardiff 10K Cardiff 01/09/2019
10000 Metres 33:55.41 Luke Williams NatWest Intl Island Games Gibraltar 07/07/2019 
8 Miles 40:12 Luke Williams Lliswerry 8 Newport 26/01/2020
10 Miles 53:38 Daniel Hamilton Brecon 10 Brecon 04/08/2019
Half Marathon 1:07:43 Luke Williams Bath Half Marathon Bath 15/03/2020
20 Miles 1:58:00 Stephen Paterson San Domenico 20 Merthyr 28/03/2010
Marathon 2:27:59 Kevin Wilkinson London Marathon London 21/04/1991

The 'Kenny' Files

A collection of old race results dating back to the 1980's.
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The club is run by the management committee which meets several times a year to discuss and decide on any matters that arise. Annually (in January or February) there is a club AGM where the following business is undertaken:

  • elected officers reports
  • audited accounts are presented
  • club officer elections
  • discussion on any matters that are arise
  • club trophy / awards presentations

Current club officers / volunteers

Chairperson Delyth Williams
Secretary Ronald Morris
Assistant Secretaries Phil Bristow / Ian McDonald
Treasurer Mel Bailey
Membership Secretary Phil Bristow
Committee Members Johnny Lam
  Frances Williams / Alistair Downes
           Ian McDonald
Club Captains - Ladies Delyth Williams /
Emily Lagomarsino
Club Captain - Mens Luke Williams / Andy Gardiner
Welfare Officer - Ladies Frances Williams
Welfare Officer - Mens Alistair Downes
Club Auditor Megan Poulson
Club Championships Statistician John Light
Club Website Administrator Ian McDonald
Club Race Director TBC
      Club Newsletter Harry Trend

Club Policies and Documents

The following club policies and documents are available for download from Dropbox at the following link: San Domenico Document Repository

Club Equality Policy Statement

Code of conduct for club officials and volunteers

Data Protection policy

Health and Safety Policy

Safeguarding Code of conduct for adult members

SDRC_Social Media Consent form


San Domenico club roles / duties for each committee role