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TOPIC: Richard Burton 10k - 4th November 2018

Richard Burton 10k - 4th November 2018 29 Sep 2018 22:25 #19974

  • JohnL
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11am start in Cwmafan.
Online entries close 15th October with no entries on the day apparently. Wouldn't want anyone interested to miss out. I really like this event although the current course is a bit hillier than we're used to in Cardiff!

Richard Burton 10k - 4th November 2018 30 Sep 2018 21:13 #19975

  • KevinP
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Thanks for the reminder about this one John, just registered. Haven't done it before, and the weather in Port Talbot in November should be lovely B)

Richard Burton 10k - 4th November 2018 - Results (1595 Ran) 05 Nov 2018 17:29 #20011

  • IanB
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Surprisingly the weather was lovely.......Well done everyone

Results -> www.fullonsport.com/event/tata-steel-ric...ton-10k-2018/results

11 2240 Luke Williams San domenico 1 Male Open 11 00:34:33 00:34:32 RES
28 2051 Alistair Downes San Domenico 2 Male Open 26 00:36:57 00:36:52 RES
46 859 Johnny Lam San Domenico RC 1 Male 40+ 9 00:38:26 00:38:21 RES
105 1134 Kevin Plank San Domenico 3 Male 40+ 25 00:41:32 00:41:22 RES
124 117 Ian Bell San Domenico RC 2 Male 50+ 12 00:42:18 00:42:12 RES
149 896 John Light San Domenico RC 3 Male Open 89 00:43:24 00:43:14 RES
220 1474 Delyth Williams San Domenico RC 4 Female Open 13 00:46:11 00:46:05 RES
646 632 Gail Havard San Domenico RC 5 Female 50+ 24 00:56:38 00:55:57 RES
"If your belly go flop-flop, don't wear a crop-top" Sophie Bell aged 16.
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