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TOPIC: Duathlons maybe in 2015

Duathlons maybe in 2015 10 Jan 2015 21:22 #14190

  • SusannahB
  • SusannahB's Avatar
With my ongoing knee saga meaning I never seem to be able to run more than about 8 miles I'm maybe thinking of doing a few duathlons as marathons seem way off still. I have an old Giant racing bike and did the Carten on it 2/3 years ago so am maybe looking for some ideas on a new entry level bike..I know I spoke to someone before about getting a lighter bike but don't want to commit too much too early..any thoughts on aside from the cycle shop in pontcanna I could maybe look? I did look on Cardiff Tri website to see if anyone was selling bikes but thought I'd put it out there...

Duathlons maybe in 2015 10 Jan 2015 22:19 #14191

  • AnthonyB
  • AnthonyB's Avatar
there is a group on facebook called "buy and sell cycling stuff in the south west" definitely worth a look. know of two bikes that have been bought through it.

Duathlons maybe in 2015 10 Jan 2015 22:24 #14192

  • SusannahB
  • SusannahB's Avatar
cool..just need to know what I'm looking for...better turn a bit geeky and have a look at some bike stuff...

Duathlons maybe in 2015 11 Jan 2015 08:02 #14194

  • RichW
  • RichW's Avatar
I would just use that bike and do a few races first. I would perhaps get some tri bars first and clip in shoes. These will give you more immediate gains. Also practicing transitions, not much point having a super fast bike and then spend minutes doing silly things that you hadn't practiced.

Duathlons maybe in 2015 11 Jan 2015 08:58 #14196

  • SusannahB
  • SusannahB's Avatar
cheers Rich..am not a fan of tri bars...but agree on the bike situ as such..can you maybe recommend one or two duathlons for april or may that might be a good target?

Duathlons maybe in 2015 11 Jan 2015 09:09 #14197

  • RichW
  • RichW's Avatar
Vale of Glamorgan duathlon, ISCA in April also Mumbles duathlon and Neyland ( Pembroke). All good races.

Duathlons maybe in 2015 11 Jan 2015 11:56 #14199

  • AndyW
  • AndyW's Avatar

I can keep an eye out on the Cardiff Ajax site if you like, to see what members are selling second hand. Or are you fixed on getting a brand new bike? I'm guessing you're between a 48cm and 50cm size wise? What size is the Giant you have at the moment, assuming its a good fit?

It's worth looking around the bike shops now, I've seen a lot of sales on entry level road bikes with savings of around £100 to £150. I mainly use Cyclopedia on Crwys Rd and MuddyBum Bikes in Rhiwbina, both very good, but have also dealt with Sunset Bikes on Woodville Rd in the past and Don Skenes in Rumney.

Completely agree with Richard about Tri-Bars and clip-in pedals.


Duathlons maybe in 2015 11 Jan 2015 20:21 #14208

  • SusannahB
  • SusannahB's Avatar
Cheers Andy..yep I think I am 50cm frame..I do have clip pedals on them but my sidi shoes went on loan to a friend a few years ago and I never got them back...I will check out a few places..not bothered about new but don't really know what am looking for so will have to get advice as and when something arises...
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